Wall of Shame: J. Scott Keene, United States Coast Guard

Jonathan Scott Keene is currently employed by Boston University. When two of the survivors, alumni and students at Boston University brought this to the attention of the college they were told that if they continue to speak out about it that they will be charged with slander. Read the original email from Larry Elswit, Boston University Associate General Counsel.

Update November 10, 2011

Two more women came forward with allegations that J. Scott Keene fired them as a result of them blowing the whistle on illegal and unethical behavior in the Coast Guard. A 2007 Coast Guard petty officer report being involuntarily discharged from the Coast Guard for reason of reporting a sexual harassment and rape. A civilian Coast Guard employee who blew the whistle on fraud was forced into retirement. Captain Keene was well aware of the fraud but chose to not investigate.

Update July 14, 2011

As if things could not get much worse. J was a civilian employee with the Coast Guard ending her employment in 2006 after experiencing sexual harassment in the workforce.  According to her victim statement she allegedly “reported it and it fell on deaf ears.” The further up she went the more she was blamed for the harassment. She reports that: “they questioned me on my looks and told me that perhaps I was dressing too provocatively. I usually came to work in slacks and a button down shirt or sweater. They even suggested that I cut my hair. It was never investigated and I won’t be surprise if it was never even documented.” Eventually she went to the Commanding Officer, Scott Keene, hoping that he could hear her out but he allegedly chose to not renew her contract when it ended several months later. Being a single mother she needed to put the entire incident behind her and get herself a job to support her children but not without still dealing with the pain and suffering that comes with victims of sexual harassment. She wrote: “I still think about what happened everyday. I even have nightmares about it. Working full time and raising 3 kids on my own I do not have time nor the money for counseling. I know that one day he’ll get what he deserves for ruining so many careers and lives.”

Original post February 28, 2011 @17:28

In 1989, a woman in the Coast Guard was sexually assaulted on board Coast Guard cutter Cowslip. The Executive Office, Lieutenant J. Scott Keene allegedly felt that because this woman reported the assault that she was no longer fit for military duty. She was denied medical and psychological treatment to process the rape and instead she  needed to fight to keep her career and to stay in the Coast Guard. Fortunately for her, coming from a Coast Guard family, she was able to use her family connection and despite being assaulted she was able to continue and had a very successful Coast Guard career retiring as a Chief Warrant Officer. J. Scott Keene was incorrect for trying to process a sexual assault survivor out of service and the survivor has proven that she could be successful in the Coast Guard.

Fast forward to 2006. A woman in the Coast Guard was brutally raped while at Coast Guard station Burlington, VT. As a way to separate the perpetrator and the victim, the victim was sent to Coast Guard Boston. While at Coast Guard Boston, the Commander Officer, now Captain J. Scott Keene allegedly felt that because this woman reported a rape that she was no longer fit for military duty. He abused his power and under his command J. Scott Keene allowed this woman to be further victimized, refused medical and psychological treatment to process the rape and instead she needed to fight for her career to stay in. This woman, not coming from a Coast Guard family did lose her career under the approval of J. Scott Keene for being raped. Not satisfied with the way her rape allegations were being handled by Captain J. Scott Keene she formed the Military Rape Crisis Center to offer support to her shipmates. Even though this woman never was given the opportunity to prove to the Coast Guard that she was able to be successful in the service she has proven through her non-profit organization that she is very hardworking, ambitious, successful and a great lost to the Coast Guard.

J. Scott Keene has a solid history of failing to protect sexual assault and rape survivors under his command. J. Scott Keene has violated  constitutional and civil rights of multiple sexual assault and rape survivors. For that we have added J. Scott Keene, United States Coast Guard on the Wall of Shame.

J. Scott Keene retired from the United States Coast Guard and was hired by Boston University.

To sign a petition to protect students at Boston University from also falling victim to this man go here:


written by M.O

22 thoughts on “Wall of Shame: J. Scott Keene, United States Coast Guard

  1. I have known Scott for over 30 years. His wife had a very successful Coast Guard career and Scott only went through the motions hiding behind his wife career. When he got in trouble his wife would bail him out. He believes that he is above the law and laughs at everyone that tries to point out his faults even when his faults are illegal. He seriously feels that the law does not apply to him. That is how sick in the head he is. I say you should sue him. BU is not going to listen he has them wrap around his fingers. Bring him to a real court.

  2. I too served with Keene. I too was assaulted. I too was bulled under his watch. I too lost my job after Keene approved it. All the abusers stick together and it is only a matter of time that the abusers jump in to defend him and discredit you out of fear that if one is exposed that they all would be.

    Do you know Peter DeCola, David M. Bittle or Daniel Christovich ?

    1. I have I knew David Bittle when he was the leading SN on the CGC Sorell not a nice person suprised that he is still in

    2. I served with Daniel Christovich he was a douche! He was part of the good ‘old boy club and made miserable every woman under his command.

    3. Dan Christovich retired from the Coast Guard as an O-5, and is now the president of his own company; The Fresnel Company in the Washington DC metro area (Virginia, I believe)

  3. How I see it is anyone that defends a rapist or anyone that defends a rape apologist is doing so because they too are guilty of the same or similar crime. Lauren hit it right on the nail; they try to discredit survivors who are speaking out for fear that they too would be exposed. You must be really sick in the head to defend a rapist especially if you have a daughter, a wife, a sister or a mother.

  4. I have worked with Scott for the past three years. I can see him doing the things that you claimed that he did. He hasn’t changed much.

  5. Even though I do not know Scott Keene I do know people like him. It is very important that we stand up against people like them because they have destroyed many lives. I admire your bravery for standing up for what is right. You are an inspirational for so many of us. God Bless you.

  6. What an evil human being. Him and Tom Daley who knowingly hired him because Daley was also in the Coast Guard and they rather keep the Coast Guard bond than to protect college students. I won’t be surprised if Daley himself is a rapist cause why else would he protect keene even after this came out. Also the other woman is a CWO, Keene should show some respect for her rank!

      1. I personally feel that all women involved should sue the hell out of Scott Keene however they are not after money. They only want to share their traumatic stories to help with their healing which is exactly what they have done. This is about the women healing. Scott Keene I mean Jerimiah this is not about you.

      2. Thanks for removing it. The top of this website says: “Giving survivors a chance to be heard, believed and supported” and that post by “Jerimiah” did not do anything but further abused the victims. Some people never learn.

        “Jerimiah” if you have an issue with a post or comment email them. they are good at responding. Spamming this board won´t get you the response that you want. Anyway thanks for bringing attention back to this old post.

      3. What exactly did the Coast Guard did to Scott Keene for him to do what he did? Under no circumstances, even if she chose unrestricted reporting, does it make it okay to send out a massive email stating a rape survivors name and the alleged crime done to her. That is an invasion of her privacy and violation of the UCMJ, victim of violence act, basic human rights and the rape shield law among other. Scott Keene refused to help his own shipmates, he failed to protect those under HIS COMMAND and he made a woman who should be focusing on healing from a viscous rape instead he put the added stress on her for forcing her to fight to keep her career. All of this because she was beaten and raped. BEATEN AND RAPED and all he cared about was further traumatizing her. After seeing the photos of a woman bruised up, broken tooth and witnesses from her unit stating to Scott Keene that after the rape she could barely even walk yet instead of getting her immediate treatment he sent out an email slandering her?

        Scott, (I would call him Captain Keene or Mr. Keene but he had not earned that respect from me) the United States Coast Guard has given him a free education, a paycheck for most of his adult life, and is giving him a pension for the rest of his life. The Coast Guard is where he met his wife and they paid for the birth of all his children. How did he thank them? By embarrassing them in such a high profile way. Perhaps he should have thought about who he copied on those emails. Someone that he “trusted“ ended up blowing the whistle on him and forwarded those emails to the survivor. Not everyone is as corrupt as he is.

        It sounds to me that Scott Keene is anti-military and anti Coast Guard cause otherwise he would have done whatever he could to help a fellow member of the Coast Guard. I don’t know what the Coast Guard could possibly have done to Jonathon Scott Keene but something is seriously wrong if he could not help one of his own.

        Perhaps Scott Keene could learn a thing or two from the rape survivor. Even after what Scott Keene did to her she is still helping her shipmates through the NGO that she started. That is called integrity and leadership, two things that in my opinion Scott Keene is lacking,

  7. I remember him. He called me a good for nothing nonrate and made fun of my injury. I was not raped but he does not respect women in general.

  8. I knew Keene for over twenty years. He is a callous, vicious sociopath. He gave the Coast Guard a bad name. Did they check his OER before they hired him over at BU?

  9. I knew Scott Keene when he was a Lt. Commander and there was a rape that he spat at the victim and told her that she deserved it.. I am surprised that he lasted this long. I have more to say about him that I rather not post on her. Do you guys have an email address?

  10. FACT: At least one woman was discharged from the Coast Guard under Scott Keene´approval for the sole reason of reporting a very brutal rape. The woman went on to finding the only NGO that is solely working with sexual assault survivors in the military:

    FACT: Scott Keene attempt to discharge one woman for reporting a sexual assault has failed. The woman went on and retired as a Chief Warrant Officer, a rank that is much higher than what Scott Keene retired as.

    FACT: Scott Keene’ actions has brought enough emotional distress to one woman who been sexually harassed that resulted in her discharged from service which eventually lead to her death.

    The thing that really gets me is how many people he did this to.

    I can gurantee you that the intentions of this post was not to do any harm to Scott Keene or Boston University however as a public servant we the public have the right to know when our tax dollars are being misused. Many hardworking Americans are working to pay toward´this man pension and had paid for years for his military pay and we have the right to know when our tax dollars are being misused as they have been for decades by Scott Keene. I do not like to pay taxes so that people can sit on their asses all day and discharge rape survivors. fuck no. As a tax payer I have the right to speak out when I feel that my taxes are being misused.

    Jerimiah aka Scott Keene you’ll bet that the pension board would hear from me and many others. In my eyes you did not serve honorably and you do not deserve the pension. Jerimiah aka Scott Keene do you have any remorse for what you have done to all of these women?

  11. No one should lose a career because they reported a rape or sexual harassment. Scott Keene is such a loser. Are you sure that he is on a pension cause if he on a Captain’s retirement pension why is he working? He is either very greedy or horrible in financial planning and did not save enough for retirement. Perhaps he is just a loser that can’t enjoy life. Sorry but if I was on a retirement pay I’ll be golfing right now. Maybe the guilt of what he did in the Coast Guard to all these young women is catching up to him and he is working to distract himself from the psychological pain? I know his wife and she had her own problems with sexual harassment. What a sick loser.

  12. Hmmmmm…..Why did theses posts stop? We must continue to bring awarness to the public about this psycho/ He is still working at BU…… Unbelieveable! BU alumni should be made aware of this sickos’ past and stop all donations until he is removed along with his buddy Tom Daily!

  13. I am trying to get more information about Daniel Christovich. I know of several rapes and sexual harassment that he helped to sweep under the rug. Any other victims of Christovich?

  14. I’m not going to comment on the Keene allegations since I have no factual knowledge of the matter.

    I was a Coast Guard officer. Now I am not, and I feel so much better for it. Life has improved tremendously after I took off the shoulder boards.

    One quarter of CG officers have serious personality flaws. The rest of them have a circle the wagons mentality. The elitism is shameful. The nepotism is awful. The cronyism can’t be defended. The civilian hiring practices are prohibited, half the GS14 are retired Captains. I knew one who rigged the system to hire himself. He succeeded at that. Double dipped while on terminal leave.

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