Rape on CGC Seneca-United States Coast Guard

Anonymous, United States Coast Guard

A few years ago I reported a rape on Coast Guard cutter Seneca based out of Boston. My Chief laughed when I told him asking me if I was just joking around and I said that I was not and he said, “seriously, it really happened” should I call CGIS?

I was not assigned a victim advocate who was suppose to help me. At the support unit a Lt in Worklife asked me what I did to provoke the rape and asked me if I was drinking.

CGIS called me a liar and later concluded that there was not enough evidence to prosecute the rapist.

The rest of the crew just made it out that I was crazy and a slut. I would find notes calling me a “hore” cause they did not know how to spell whore. When we were in Boston there were several parties, obviously none that this crazy slut was invited to but the next morning you’ll hear about who I supposedly slept with at the parties. Once I was part of a train with 30+ men. They also said that I slept with the entire ship. Even the men that were married would go around lying/”bragging” that I slept with them, going around lying that they went against the UCMJ? In all seriousness WTF is wrong with the men in the Coast Guard?  I did not have sex with anyone in the CG unless you consider rape to be sex which I do not.

Finally they said that I am too psycho and have a defective personality and can no longer serve in the Coast Guard and was kicked out. To this day everyone in the Coast Guard still calls me a crazy, lying “hore”. I still get harassed on facebook by people that was with me calling me  a “hore” To this day they still do not know that there is a W in whore.  I am rated at 100% for Military Sexual trauma from the VA, rated 100% for something that the Coast Guard still refuses acknowledge happened.

9 thoughts on “Rape on CGC Seneca-United States Coast Guard

  1. Our stories are so similar……mine, yours, theirs….we were all raped, denied treatment, appropriate investigations and legal recourse. To add insult to injury, we were all called whores (or hores), sluts, bitches, and we were re-traumatized over and over and over, for months and sometimes years, by people we once would have taken a bullet for. My discharge should have been for “RAPE TRAUMA”, but instead, my DD214 says “OVERWEIGHT”. I was not, but a lieutenant wanted me out before I told about his bad conduct I had witnessed, so he fudged some measurements and got me out in days. Because the VA has acknowledged us and we are 100% service connected, are we suppose to shut up and keep letting this happen to other young women who decide to serve this great nation?
    Keep on telling your story, girl! I believe that with all of us banding together, we CAN and WILL get the government to really show no tolerance for this type of behavior. As it stands, it is pretty much condoned by the military, as they continue not protecting the victims or prosecuting rapists for their crimes, even with DNA evidence.

    1. I have worked at the coast guard yard for many years and have been to “sexual harassment training” many times. I watched a film where High ranking officers tout a zero tolerance policy towards this type of thing… I often wondered how seriouslythey take this kind of thing. and now I guess I know.

  2. Shipmate, Thanks for sharing you story. I first heard of your story when I was protesting outside Coast Guard Boston against the way the CG deals with sexual assault allegation and someone told me that “we had a ‘hore’ on our ship that lied about being raped” and after speaking to him for ten of so minutes I think I made him change his mind that you were probably telling the truth and that there is a rapist on that ship.

    The LT in Worklife was actually my victim advocate; well victim advocate by title, except she did not do much advocating on my behalf but did love to tell me how I was crazy and lying (I have it recorded on tape). I’m just glad Patricia Tutalo is no longer a victim advocate cause we deserve a lot better.

    I’m happy that I met you. Thank you for being brave for sharing your story. I am looking forward to advocating together for our shipmates.


  3. Patricia Tutalo fucked up again? How many more rape victims need to come forward mentioning that name before the CG is going to do anything about her? She was promoted to Lt. Commander after all this came out. She needs to be in the brig and not anywhere around rape victims.

  4. I was treated in a similar manner. I was told that I was Bipolar II or Cyclothymic. I was medicated to the hilt. We were all treated the same way. I was called a whore and a lesbian. I told the NCIS Investigator that she could not play both cards. They told me to leave.

    So, here is what I think. You are probably smart, attractive, and motivated. When I broke down into a sobbing mess of tears in the VA Voc Rehab office, my counsellor told me that there was a book about how certain segments of military men that just go on the attack against smart, attractive, and motivated women. We are a double threat to them. So, we fight back.

    Thank you for sharing this with us. When you tell your story, you fight back and we join you.

  5. Everyone calls me a liar and a whore as well. Why would I lie about this knowing very well that it was the end of my career. I know one other woman i went to basic with who was raped and she never told anyone because she wanted to stay in. she is still in and still working with her rapist. how come nobody can protect us?

  6. I am a Coast Guard brat. My father was a Chief in the Coast Guard when he molested my sister and I. CGIS made us out to be attention-seeking liars. my sister was just 8 and I was 10. He would beat our mother and CGIS threatened her with prison. We left the state and went to live with my maternal grandparents. My parents got an official divorce in which after my father came looking for us armed with a Coast Guard-issued gun. My mother requested a restraining order but because he was in the Coast Guard we needed to go through the Coast Guard channels and the Coast Guard refused. We ended up moving 12 more times until I was 18 and moved out on my own. I played soccer for my college and he found me after reading about me in the newspaper and came to my campus, with a gun looking for me. This time he was a Master Chief. The campus police arrested him and handed him over to the Coast Guard. Nothing happened to him.

    He retired after 30 years of service. He had an Honorable Discharge and a pension. Last fall he passed away and for the first time ever I feel safe.

    The Coast Guard needs to protect victims of sexual assault as well as child abuse and domestic violence.

  7. Wow! So awful to read these stories! I am the mother of a Coastie and I served in the US Navy Reserve. I was fortunate in that I had no issues, but a good friend of mine in the Marine Corps was raped by a high ranking enlisted officer and as a result had a pregnancy and a subsequent child as a result of the rape.

    I have another friend who was cornered in a paint locker by an over amorous Chief who was looking for some unwanted “action” and got a shot in the beanbag with a handy tool that was in my friend’s hand at the time of the unwanted advances. I wish all of these bastards could suffer a similar, painful fate rather than having to read these very painful stories.

    My heart goes out to you all. God Bless and hang in there. You are no less a person because of this, but your attacker is.

  8. This is an unfortunate fact of (military) life. When I was stationed in Norfolk on the USS Hunley, I had a relation with this young sailor. She was just 18, myself 36. Of her own account she had relations with several men which she was not discreet about.
    One weekend there was a party and lots of alcohol. Her & I once again had sex early in the evening. Around 11pm shhe left with 2 guys whom she was flirting with all night.
    The long and short of it, she call me the following morning from a hotel, alone, claiming she was raped by these 2 men. I did my duty by call the local police and the Base Police.
    Needless to say they did not believe her because of her reputation. But, knowing her well, I believed her 100%. Reason: although she she had many sexual partners, it didn’t mean she said yes to everyone.

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