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Wall of Shame: J. Scott Keene, United States Coast Guard

Jonathan Scott Keene is currently employed by Boston University. When two of the survivors, alumni and students at Boston University brought this to the attention of the college they were told that if they continue to speak out about it that they will be charged with slander. Read the original email from Larry Elswit, Boston University Associate General Counsel.

Update November 10, 2011

Two more women came forward with allegations that J. Scott Keene fired them as a result of them blowing the whistle on illegal and unethical behavior in the Coast Guard. A 2007 Coast Guard petty officer report being involuntarily discharged from the Coast Guard for reason of reporting a sexual harassment and rape. A civilian Coast Guard employee who blew the whistle on fraud was forced into retirement. Captain Keene was well aware of the fraud but chose to not investigate.

Update July 14, 2011

As if things could not get much worse. J was a civilian employee with the Coast Guard ending her employment in 2006 after experiencing sexual harassment in the workforce.  According to her victim statement she allegedly “reported it and it fell on deaf ears.” The further up she went the more she was blamed for the harassment. She reports that: “they questioned me on my looks and told me that perhaps I was dressing too provocatively. I usually came to work in slacks and a button down shirt or sweater. They even suggested that I cut my hair. It was never investigated and I won’t be surprise if it was never even documented.” Eventually she went to the Commanding Officer, Scott Keene, hoping that he could hear her out but he allegedly chose to not renew her contract when it ended several months later. Being a single mother she needed to put the entire incident behind her and get herself a job to support her children but not without still dealing with the pain and suffering that comes with victims of sexual harassment. She wrote: “I still think about what happened everyday. I even have nightmares about it. Working full time and raising 3 kids on my own I do not have time nor the money for counseling. I know that one day he’ll get what he deserves for ruining so many careers and lives.”

Original post February 28, 2011 @17:28

In 1989, a woman in the Coast Guard was sexually assaulted on board Coast Guard cutter Cowslip. The Executive Office, Lieutenant J. Scott Keene allegedly felt that because this woman reported the assault that she was no longer fit for military duty. She was denied medical and psychological treatment to process the rape and instead she  needed to fight to keep her career and to stay in the Coast Guard. Fortunately for her, coming from a Coast Guard family, she was able to use her family connection and despite being assaulted she was able to continue and had a very successful Coast Guard career retiring as a Chief Warrant Officer. J. Scott Keene was incorrect for trying to process a sexual assault survivor out of service and the survivor has proven that she could be successful in the Coast Guard.

Fast forward to 2006. A woman in the Coast Guard was brutally raped while at Coast Guard station Burlington, VT. As a way to separate the perpetrator and the victim, the victim was sent to Coast Guard Boston. While at Coast Guard Boston, the Commander Officer, now Captain J. Scott Keene allegedly felt that because this woman reported a rape that she was no longer fit for military duty. He abused his power and under his command J. Scott Keene allowed this woman to be further victimized, refused medical and psychological treatment to process the rape and instead she needed to fight for her career to stay in. This woman, not coming from a Coast Guard family did lose her career under the approval of J. Scott Keene for being raped. Not satisfied with the way her rape allegations were being handled by Captain J. Scott Keene she formed the Military Rape Crisis Center to offer support to her shipmates. Even though this woman never was given the opportunity to prove to the Coast Guard that she was able to be successful in the service she has proven through her non-profit organization that she is very hardworking, ambitious, successful and a great lost to the Coast Guard.

J. Scott Keene has a solid history of failing to protect sexual assault and rape survivors under his command. J. Scott Keene has violated  constitutional and civil rights of multiple sexual assault and rape survivors. For that we have added J. Scott Keene, United States Coast Guard on the Wall of Shame.

J. Scott Keene retired from the United States Coast Guard and was hired by Boston University.

To sign a petition to protect students at Boston University from also falling victim to this man go here:

written by M.O

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Active Duty Coast Guardsman call for help

Hello. My name is Jane. I am a rape survivor. I am active duty in the United States Coast Guard and was raped October 17, 2010 when a shipmate climbed onto my rack while I was asleep and raped me. I found him ontop of me, with his hands over my mouth to prevent me from screaming.

I reported it up my chain of command and was met with disbelief. They felt that I was lying and had morning after remorse. Almost over night my name changed from Petty Office Doe to yo bitch you are a slut. I have been ostracized from my entire unit. I am no longer one of them. I was forbidden to attend the holiday party. I am exlcuded from all morale activities and can not join the rest of the crew in playing basketball. I am not allowed to attend all hands meetings. When I walk into a room everyone who is in there walks out. When I sit at a table during chow everyone else on the table gets up and leaves. Nobody talks to me even if they need to tell me something work-related leaving me in the dark of what is going on.

My perpetrator left the Coast Guard a month ago. His contract was up, signed his discharged papers and fled the country. I was told, and this is a LIE, that they can not continue on with the investigation because he is no longer in the Coast Guard. CGIS said, “we are not the Army. We can not force people to stay in past their contract agreement”. I am working with Panayiota who has said that this is not true and because of an active investigation that his contract should have been extended until the investigation was complete. However how can you fight the military? How can I tell CGIS that they were wrong and if I do they won’t believe me.

I have tried to call Shawn Wren, the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response coordinator and she does not return my phone calls. I called a JAG who in turn said that he can not defend me. I am not the criminal. I am not the bad guy. I am a rape victim that needs some help. Treating me like I am a criminal. Making me like I am not one of yours is not helping me heal. I was sent to 08 sessions of counseling by somebody that could not talk to me about the rape but was told by my command that I am an outcast and we worked on those issues. Everything was fine until I reported the rape and had everyone turned their back on me. I am not an outcast by choice. I want to talk to and be friends with my shipmates but they are staying away from me like I have a fatal contagious diesease.  I am starting a new therapist next week thanks to Panayiota that is outside of the Coast Guard so I do not need help with that. I need help with having my shipmates treating me the way that they do. I tried to call the Chaplin and he ignored my phone calls. My mother called the Commandant’s office and it came back to my command and I was the one that was written up.  I am also being med boarded out of service for adjustment disorder. I NEED HELP.

Please publish this. Please don’t use my real name I do not want to get in further trouble. Please if you are in the Coast Guard and can help me please contact panayiota who would forward me the information. I wrote to the Congress today as well. I don’t know what else to do. What have I done wrong?

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Angel was raped during AIT at Fort Bliss

Angel, United States Army

In 2006, I joined the Army at 17. I was going though a rough time with family and had dropped out of school and received my GED. I thought the Army would hold so much opportunity for me. I wanted to make something of myself. Basic training landed me with stress fractures in my hips, knees, and ankles. I spent time recovering and finished basic late. I was sent to AIT in Fort Bliss Texas. I enjoyed it there I was glad to finally be learning my job. That is until the stress fractures came back. I was deeply saddened to be stuck healing again. One weekend while people were out on pass I was at the barracks. A guy that I had talked to and was friends with took advantage of the fact that I was on pain killers. I was left pretty messed up. I just couldn’t concentrate he had threatened me and I believed him. I was terrified so I left. I left and I was awol for 10 days until I heard he had left to come find me. I returned thinking I would be safer there then out in a city I didn’t know. He didn’t return while I was there but I was a wreck I couldn’t handle what had happened to me. I had panic attacks and nightmares. I was put on medications to help me sleep and help with the depression and it didn’t. My chain of command got tired of me. They didn’t understand even thought I had reported it and spent 3 hours going over every god dang detail I was shunned. People hated me they didn’t think HE was capable of what he had done. I just wanted to get away from all of them. I was discharged because no one was giving me the help I needed to heal. The counselor wasn’t helping all she wanted was to give me meds and ship me back to my unit. I have been in counseling for 3 years now and I am doing better. I have 2 kids and a loving husband that help me get through my day. I still have panic attacks, nightmares, and PTSD. It is a very long road towards healing and I am just at the beginning. I encourage anyone who has been through this to seek some sort of help.

My Duty to Speak

Jenny, a United States sailor explains why she is part of the Military Sexual Trauma lawsuit.

My reasons for being part of the lawsuit against the DOD are as follows:
I am a mother of children that may one day -against all of my pleading- consider military service.
The next time that I hear “Zero Tolerance,” I want it t be closer to a reality.
There is right now, this minute, a victim suffering. For them I go forward.
To encourage other people to fight back.
The most important reason for being part of the lawsuit is the one that I have typed into the comments line of the pages of countless fellow survivors. Those reasons are my three beautiful daughters and my wonderful son. Should they decide to serve, they deserve the right to serve in safety. A safety that I was denied. When I took on the ultimate responsibility, that of motherhood, I took it on in the full throws of rape trauma syndrome and post traumatic stress disorder. I demanded my own healing for my children and I demand that she not have to heal from the same crimes against her.
On behalf of the men and women serving in a silent agony, I clutch a towel that I will not throw in. I clutch that towel with steadfast commitment. We are called to fight this fight and we are called to win. I encourage my fellow survivors to join forces in responding to this epidemic and seeking justice and change through the legal process. Please sign up and be heard.
The next reasons are basic. They are justice and patriotism. A good friend from my youth wrote me a letter the other day. He apologized to me on behalf of our country. Our country did not repeatedly rape me. The whole military did not rape me rape. Most of my fellow veterans are remarkable people from diverse and interesting backgrounds. Aside from the rapes, sexual harassment, and violence, I had a great time in the Navy. Rape is permitted by a lack of training, a fear of holding people accountable, and a bully dominated system that is permitted because of the notoriously difficult duty that we entrust to our soldiers, sailors, and airmen.
Military Rape is a gaping blemish on our national character and we can live without it.
A small and overly vocal minority of sexist, homophobic, and occasionally racist individuals band together to hold the rest of the military hostage. If you study bully mentality, most of our soldiers and sailors are uneasy with the bigotry but few know exactly how to respond. Altering that is the change that we seek. How do the great people that we all knew respond correctly to the monsters that tortured us -yes it was torture- and how do we train people to effectively prevent the problem?
In my statement to the law firm that is handling the suit, I addressed the crisis of sexual harassment prevention in the military. Before a female service person is even harassed, they are told that they are at fault. Older male service personnel encourage younger men to seek all male divisions and all male ships. In integrated classes and boot camp divisions, men are told to stay away from women because if they breathe in the direction of a female service member, they will be accused of rape. Let me translate this for everyone, this implies that women are the problem and therefore sexual harassment and sexual assault is a myth.
Training that debunks that myth is why I am part of this lawsuit against the DOD and the Pentagon.
I would like to address the “Zero Tolerance” ideal. When our leaders use terms like “Zero Tolerance” I think that they believe that this is the goal but I do not believe that even Defense Secretary Robert Gates is naive enough to believe that “Zero Tolerance” is currently in place.
This gets to the meat and potatoes of why I am involved in this lawsuit. Those words, “Zero Tolerance” are about as powerful as me pleading to my rapist in 1999 “Please do not do this to me.” The term “Zero Tolerance” from the top is about as strong as my pleading: “Please don’t let this be happening, again.”
When I pleaded for justice the first time, I pleaded for a rapist to stop. When I pleaded for justice the second time, I pleaded for NCIS to remove a rapist from wearing the same uniform that I wear. My rapist still gets a paycheck. Now, I plead for justice with a bold law firm and the Service Woman’s Action Network (SWAN) consulting.
Calling the Pentagon’s policy “Zero Tolerance” does not render “Zero Tolerance” a truth. Suing the federal government is not likely to result in a win. Nevertheless, if this suit permits those that walk in our boots from here forward the ability to serve in safety, our efforts will have been meaningful. For this reason, I signed up to sue the Pentagon.
To elaborate on the current state of “Zero Tolerance for Sexual Assault” I have developed this metaphor:
One cannot sit on a couch stuffing cheese burgers and Twinkies down ones throat, guzzle cheap beer instead of water, smoke camel straights and then compete for Olympic excellence. -JSM
With roughly 3200 reported rapes in 2009 and seventy-one percent of the women seeking post military VA assistance reporting rape trauma syndrome, “Zero tolerance” is a long way off. This letter, at this time, fails to begin to address the unique and devastating issues of male MST victims but I will yield to one of our brothers to address that set of issues.
Using the term “Zero Tolerance” does not help me a decade later and it does not help the service person that is being raped right now this minute and he or she IS out there. That person is our primary responsibility. That person suffers in a way that non victim/survivors cannot imagine. With the same commitment mentioned above, I pledge a devout allegiance to the care and advocacy of the person suffering right now.
I am involved in this lawsuit to demand change and accountability in the uniformed services for everyone involved. I am involved in this lawsuit because on December 16th 2002, I took on the ultimate responsibility and became a mother. As a mother, sexual assault and violence is unacceptable and to utter those words falls significantly short of the action that must follow. This lawsuit commences the beginning of that action.
We survivors have stepped upon a vast iceberg with a mere chisel. With each conviction of a sexual predator that uses their uniform, their rank, and their -oft ill earned- breastplate to shield them from justice, we throw another chip of ice into hot water. With each effective measure to prevent sexual harassment and assault, we throw another chip of ice into hot water. When we get our day in court, our lawyer brings a jack hammer onto that iceberg.
In closing, we do not need this iceberg of sexual assault to plague our credibility as a nation. We do not need that iceberg to undermine the honest, hardworking, and hitherto silent members of the armed forces that would not tolerate sexual abuse if their careers would not suffer for having taken such a stand. We DO, however, need that jack hammer. I am involved in this lawsuit to help get that jack hammer up the slope of the iceberg.
With honor, courage, and commitment,
Jenny Shartel McClendon STG2 USN (discharged for being a rape victim) 

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Rape in the Navy

Anonymous, United States Navy

I am a Navy Veteran. I was raped in 1994 at the age of 20 by my roommates boyfriend. She gave him the key to our room and he came in while I was sleeping and raped me. I pressed charges even though I received numerous threats on my life for prosecuting the the man that raped me. He received 8 years and a dishonorable discharge. I have struggled to maintain somewhat of a normal life. I attempted suicide and ended up in a coma. I have also had 2 nervous breakdowns. It breaks my heart to see so many women go through what I went through so many years ago. I to this day have nightmares about my attack. I pray so much because I have isses with trusting anyone considering the military didnt protect me from someone that should never been in the service because he was a rapist. I think everyone that enlists should be given a phych eval and maybe alot of these rape issues can be avoided. I will never forget what happened to me and my heart goes out to all that has suffered the trauma that I had to go through as well as struggled to want to live.

My Duty to Speak

U.S. Soldier raped while serving in Germany

Katie, United States Army

I joined the Active Duty Army in September of 1993 to serve my Country, earn some college money and possibly make a career out of being a soldier. I was 17. 6 months after joining the Army, I was given my first set of orders, and I was headed to Germany. I ended up in a small unit (less than 30) on an almost desolate Army post in Nuernberg-Fuerth, Germany. The amenities I had seen on all the other posts I had served at were almost null at my new post, including an MP station. My first week in Germany, I was moved into some barracks (the same ones they held the Nuernberg trial prisoners in after the Holocaust) and was told I would need to purchase a hot plate (plug in stove) and some pots and pans to cook the food I would eat. There was no chow hall. I was just a kid, so the idea of caring for myself in this way was scary. I had not yet received my monthly paycheck from the Army, so my Staff Sergeant took me to the finance office and told me to walk back to our unit when I was done talking to a male Specialist. He and I made small talk, such as that he is from the same town in Illinois that I am. Small world, I thought, and I felt I had made a new friend. I was issued an Army paycheck by him that very day. That day I went and bought my kitchen and food stuff and some new civilian clothes since I owned none. This was the first time in 6 months I would be able to wear civilian clothes because the whole time I had been in the Army, I had to be in uniform.

That evening I felt so pretty in my new skirt. Me and a few other lower enlisted went by taxi to huge German club in Nuernberg that was set up with different levels, playing all different kinds of music. The specialist “Chris” from finance was at this club with his pregnant wife. We said hello and I thanked him so much for getting me my much needed paycheck. After about an hour and a half of dancing and laughing with my new Army buddies, that finance specialist asked me to come outside with him because he needed to tell me something about my paychecks and it would be quieter outside. He said he knew a cool spot to have a smoke and chill, and walked me to the side of the building and up three stories of a large, walk-able fire escape. I began to sit on a step and he stopped me from doing that and began to kiss me. I resisted and he turned me around so my rear was at his front. He aggressively kicked my legs apart like an expert at this, and tore the back of my skirt open, pulled my underpants, nylons and shoes off and threw them over the railing. He forced himself on me and raped me. At this time I had my hands holding me up as best as I could so I could breathe because he had bent me over the iron railing and I could barely breathe because the bar of it was pressing against my stomach/diaphragm. He completed his rape of me and then wanted oral copulation. I resisted and he forced. I found an opportunity to push away to run down the fire escape back to safety but he grabbed me and threw me onto the stairs. I began “faking” this blow job and then tried to get away again, this time he pushed me back onto the railing. I saw no other alternative than to try to climb over it to get away from him, but before I could get any sort of footing, he pushed me. I fell straight down 3 stories and woke up a few minutes later. I was disoriented but felt a desperate need to run. My skirt was torn and my bare bottom was hanging out. I had nothing else on.

I grabbed the back of my skirt and hailed a taxi (because of the Americans, there were about 8 of them just waiting to give someone a ride outside of the club.) When I got home, I immediately took a shower. I worried that the people I had gone with had no idea where I had gone. I knew I should have told them before I left. It was m my fault I trusted that guy. I went to bed crying and wearing alot of clothes. I woke up the next morning and had to walk in the dark to do P.T. at 5 a.m.. I “fell out” of the run because of cervical pain, bleeding and emotional pain. I could barely stop bawling and hyperventilating. At that time I just blurted out with tears and pain to another female soldier “Denise” whom I was running with what had happened to me the night before. She immediately told me I was a fuckin liar and a slut. She insisted in a really mean way there was no way that the rapist would do what he did to me because he has kids and a wife and she knows him personally. She told my Staff Sergeant the same thing, and he advised me I was not to say another word about that kind of crap. I insisted on going to sick call but was refused.

That afternoon, as I entered my room in the barracks, the rapist was in my room. I have no idea how he got in, but he was hiding behind my door so when I closed my door, he locked me in. He told me that “Denise” had immediately gone to his place of work and yelled at him in front of his coworkers saying “some white girl says you raped her and you need to take care of her because she is going around telling everyone”. He told me that because I am from the San Francisco area, I could have AIDS and he threatened and demanded I get an AIDS test immediately and show him the results. My neighbor at the time was “Denise” the girl from the run, and I heard her door open. I knew she didn’t believe me, but I was going to tell her. The rapist then opened the German windows and left that way.  If I told Denise, she wouldn’t have believed me. She was 30 something and had made her feelings about the rape clear to me so I wasn’t going to keep asking her for help. I was so scared. I had wall lockers in my room all over….about 20, no joke. I was so scared every day and night that someone was hiding in one of them for sure and I would be killed in that room. I was too scared to tell anyone about the rape any more because I did not know who I could trust, but so far it was no one.

I was already being called a whore and a bitch and a slut by my peers and the guys were warning each other that “this one will accuse you of rape so stay away from her”. It was horrible and I couldn’t get them to stop avoiding me except to name call or harass me. I was so alone. I called home and my friends told me to tell, but I felt I was stuck and telling would end up getting me killed by these people. I was just a teenager. I went to sick call the day after the rape and asked for an AIDS test. They asked me why, since I had just done one less than two weeks prior in order to deploy to Germany. I advised the Nurse that a male soldier had forced sex on me the day before and was demanding this re-test. They complied and did not ask any further questions. I had hoped they would be the ones to fucking save me from my feelings of abandonment and press charges and take care of me and the safety of other women on post, but the nurse and doctor seemed surprisingly unalarmed or phased whatsoever.

The rapist returned to my barracks twice more over the next few weeks. The last time he was in my room, I showed him the results I had received from the clinic. I never spoke to him again, but I did see him a lot. I was harassed by my peers with name calling, ostracizing and a lot of teasing with relation to our work days. It was horrible and I wanted to kill myself. I hung in there for a year until I was discharged honorably, days after I found my lieutenant was sleeping with my roommate (which is seriously prohibited). The lieutenant was in charge of fitness testing at my unit and he altered my height by one inch and increased my weight to exceed standards. I was back in California within a week and I slept on my moms’ couch for weeks. My depression was severe and I sought help at the VA Clinic for PTSD within the first year of my discharge.

My rape was 17 years ago. Since then I have suffered pain and anxiety in my life that I truly believe I otherwise would not have. Before I went into the Army, I was a strong, beautiful girl. Today I am still strong and beautiful but I am also severely emotionally crippled by persistent thoughts and memories of this traumatic rape and my “loss of innocence”. I have had great jobs. I bought a home when I was 23, had a 911 dispatching job, then when I was sexually stalked and harassed by a female supervisor, something inside me snapped. Instead of killing her like I wanted to do, I just emotionally crumbled. Like literally. I went to my big bosses office, shut the door and cried and collapsed into a ball on his floor. I stopped working at that point and realized I had a serious problem to deal with. I began to abuse my prescribed pain medication from the VA, and began to hide behind a wall of weight out of fear that I may be raped again. It was like her harassing me triggered it all and I just lost it. I had a 4 year old daughter to care for, and if it weren’t for my mother, I would have lost her. I have had suicidal tendencies, relationship problems, substance abuse issues, parenting difficulties, nightmares, unrealistic fears, exhausting hyper-vigilance, severe and debilitating depression and anxiety, and difficulty keeping friends and a job. I have not worked in 6 years and have been “awarded” 100% service connection by the Department of Veterans Affairs. I fear that if I get better, they will take my benefits away. I am clean and sober now. So long as I take care of myself full time, and my kids, I have no time left for a job.

Here is what I have had to actively do in order to get to and maintain a manageable, functional life for myself and my family:

1. Stay clean and sober, go to NA/AA meetings, get a sponsor, work the steps.

2. VA Substance Abuse group 2 x a week-all men but me. It’s kind of awkward, but I have no other options.

3. VA Psychologist once a week

4. VA seeking safety class once a week-women only

5. PTSD/meditation group once a week-all men

6. Take Prozac and Trazodone for my depression/anxiety

Not to mention the therapy I pay cash for and have both of my children in privately, and the couples counseling my spouse and I need to be in but cannot afford. Other notable and discouraging, but true facts are: being I only have VA coverage for medical insurance, when I need an OB exam, I have to drive 70 miles north to be examined by a different doctor (and student) every time. I really wish that fee basis would pay for me to pick a female doc locally that I feel safe and comfortable with to see when I have issues. I have so much anxiety before an OB exam that sometimes I don’t leave the house for a week before or after the appointment. The fear can paralyze me, and the exams traumatize me.

As a female MST Veteran, I have not found many others like me who can keep up with that type of self-help schedule. I just do it because the other alternative for me is death by overdose or suicide. Many are homeless, and many are mentally ill to a point that they can’t even accept help. Some are so addicted to some mind or mood altering substance (alot of which are prescribed by the VA) and don’t want to feel another feeling ever again in their life. I get it, and I have done that for the past 15 years with weed, opiates and benzos. Anything I could take to feel comfortable in my skin. I do sometimes feel like I am the only one in the world that is fighting this MST and depression. I know now that there are thousands, or more, but I know that many don’t want to ever tell about being raped in the service EVER AGAIN because they were rejected when they reported it happening so many times before.

I have watched other MST survivors succumb to the guilt and shame they STILL feel 30 years later, from being blamed for rape happening to them. The constant banter and lack of support they got from their peers, command, family and others has taken a toll on their confidence in what is right or fair and they can no longer fight the good fight. If everyone around you is telling you that you are nuts and that anything that happened was a result of your bad judgement, you tend to doubt yourself. It’s like an acceptable form of Chinese water torture. The same mantras get repeated over and over again, ultimately coercing one to believe that in fact the violent rape he or she experienced was ultimately that victims’ fault. Frankly I don’t blame the other survivors I know that are still suffering for wanting to stay loaded or die, for this type of pain I feel is indescribable and very few people know how to handle it. I have no idea why God has chosen me to survive, but I am so thankful! I will continue to try and help convince other MST survivors that they too can recover from MST and addiction. Basically, we all need to be heard, validated, nurtured and learn to live again. I haven’t cried since I quit the pills. I know there is a lot more I have yet to feel, but thanks to the VA treatment I have just begun to get in the past 5 years, MRCC, SWAN, and others like me who are speaking out and pleading for change, I KNOW I AM NOT ALONE!!!!

My Duty to Speak

Rape on CGC Seneca-United States Coast Guard

Anonymous, United States Coast Guard

A few years ago I reported a rape on Coast Guard cutter Seneca based out of Boston. My Chief laughed when I told him asking me if I was just joking around and I said that I was not and he said, “seriously, it really happened” should I call CGIS?

I was not assigned a victim advocate who was suppose to help me. At the support unit a Lt in Worklife asked me what I did to provoke the rape and asked me if I was drinking.

CGIS called me a liar and later concluded that there was not enough evidence to prosecute the rapist.

The rest of the crew just made it out that I was crazy and a slut. I would find notes calling me a “hore” cause they did not know how to spell whore. When we were in Boston there were several parties, obviously none that this crazy slut was invited to but the next morning you’ll hear about who I supposedly slept with at the parties. Once I was part of a train with 30+ men. They also said that I slept with the entire ship. Even the men that were married would go around lying/”bragging” that I slept with them, going around lying that they went against the UCMJ? In all seriousness WTF is wrong with the men in the Coast Guard?  I did not have sex with anyone in the CG unless you consider rape to be sex which I do not.

Finally they said that I am too psycho and have a defective personality and can no longer serve in the Coast Guard and was kicked out. To this day everyone in the Coast Guard still calls me a crazy, lying “hore”. I still get harassed on facebook by people that was with me calling me  a “hore” To this day they still do not know that there is a W in whore.  I am rated at 100% for Military Sexual trauma from the VA, rated 100% for something that the Coast Guard still refuses acknowledge happened.