Sailor reports rape in 2009

Jennifer, United States Navy

I am Jennifer. I enlisted in the United States Navy in 2006. In 2009 I was raped by a Lieutenant on my ship. The rape was immediately reported and a rape kit examination was performed. My victim advocate gave me a lecture on drinking.She told me that I should never leave my drink alone even if I was to use the head and to know how much alcohol that I can handle. She said that sometimes when we drink we do things that we later regret. She said that even herself that sometimes she woke up from a night of drinking and regrets doing certain things. My victim advocate said that we have to accept our mistakes and not try to find a scapegoat cause it may ruin careers and lives. I was confused. Why was she talking to me about drinking?  I WAS NOT DRINKING WHEN I WAS RAPED.  I wanted to talk to her about how I was feeling. I was very sad, scared and angry. But she was only interested in talking to me about drinking.

The special agent that investigated the rape asked me if I was ever was raped prior to this rape allegation. I made the mistake of telling him that I was molested as a child. The special agent asked me how was I so sure that I was indeed raped by the Lieutenant and not having a flashback from being molested as a child .

The rumor on the ship was that I am a slut. During port call many of the men were interested in getting prositutes. A Chief screamed out “I am getting myself a hooker” The chief then came up next to me, put his hands on my shoulder and said “okay bitch, let us go get ourselves a room” i slapped him and left. I ended up getting NJP for hitting a superior.

I was being med boarded out for adjustment disorder because they said that after 03 years that they finally realized that I was having problems adjusting to the navy lifestyle. In 2010 I lost my career for adjustment disorder. I went to the VA that said that I do not have adjustment disorder and that I am suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and rated me at 100% for PTSD. Now I am back in college just trying to put it all behind me but it still angers me that everyone who did this to me can still be in.

6 thoughts on “Sailor reports rape in 2009

  1. these guys all stick together, it is very sad! their parents should be proud of the non respectfull pigs they raised! hopefully these true stories will bring change! I am sorry for what you have been thru! supporting each other is the only way to keep sane, my daughters rapist didn’t just rape her, he destroyed our whole family! these are sick crimes! I hope they all pay!!! I would love to know their cowardly names, so I could post them!!! BECAUSE I WOULD!!!!!!!

  2. I actually had a VA in the Coast Guard that thought that rape can ONLY happen while drinking cause according to her that was all that they are trained on.

  3. I just have to point out… hello you don’t get to drink on ship! Okay let me rephrase that; 2 beers every 45 days out to sea is NOT enough to get drunk on. You just have to love the ignorance of these people! No one on ship can be “drunk” on 2 beers! And hell no you should not have to be worrying about leaving your glass of milk or water while you eat or work because god forbid you get attacked. Here’s a thought… how about it isn’t the woman’s fault. She should have some level of trust or at least be allowed it instead of knowing all of her collegues are out to get her! That is exactly what the military is telling us… don’t turn your back on them and don’t trust them because if you do it’s all your fault because we told you so. Yep let’s be so proud of these pigs and the women who support the idea and cause by helping the perps!!!

  4. Often I am working with survivors as well as spoken to hundreds of Victim Advocates throughout the years and what is happening is that there is so much focus on alcohol-related sexual assaults that non-alcohol related assaults are being left out of the training. I have seen a list that is a basically “how not to get raped list” which is part of their training and everything that is on that list is what a person can do to not be a victim. The majority of the suggestions listed are alcohol related including not leaving your drink alone and not drink excessively. What we are seeing are victim advocate that has no training in sexual assault prevention aside from what the military provided for them and they feel that as long as you don’t do anything that is on the “how not to get raped list” then you won’t get raped.

    Yes, someone can get raped when they go out for drinks with a friend or colleague but they can also get raped while on watch, sleeping on their rack, taking a shower or off base doing a non-drinking activity.


  5. I am currently in the Navy, awaiting Admin Sep. I have a similar story, in regards to being shunned by the command. I was a victim of drug facilitated rape. I was told yesterday that my case was closed because the DNA collected from my rape kit was not a match to the 4 people they tested it on. The military tried to NJP me for the events surrounding the case. (After being drugged and raped, I called my friend begging and crying for them to come get me and take me to the hospital. I do not remember any of this, but the next thing I know is I woke up naked, beaten and hand cuffed in jail. I apparently was arrested for driving my vehicle, just outside the hospital. I was charged with DUI because I was combative with the police and refused to provide a breathalyzer test. I have seen the video of my arrest and have showed it to the local rape crisis center. Everyone has agreed that my actions are indicative of someone who was under the influence of date rape drugs and who had been through a traumatic even just prior.) I refused and requested Court Martial. I am now awaiting Administrative Separation because they refused me trial. I did everything I was supposed to do. The E-7 and above were the ones fueling the rumors of me making up my rape. It has been a witch hunt for almost a year while the NCIS did their investigation. The JAG told me “there is no evidence of a sexual assault” I responded “What about the DNA found, my permanent scaring and disfigurement courtesy of my rapists, and not to mention all the psychiatrists and psychologists that have said I show every sign of a rape victim and the witnesses I have who can testify that I called them crying muttering something about rape and needing to go to the hospital” I have been diagnosed with PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and Hyper-hysteria. It took me 6 months for me to be able to drink liquid without having my best friend “test” it for me by taking a sip. For the rest of my life I will have to live with what happened to me, and now when I apply for a job and they see my discharge and ask why I got that type of discharge, I will have to relive it all over again! I am also currently in a med board status because I have been diagnosed with arthritis in my back and knees. The command, also does not believe me about that. It seems that the reason they refused to proceed to court martial is because they are scared that all the evidence will come out and make them look back for not following the rules and allowing the misconduct of their senior enlisted in regards to their comments surrounding my case.

  6. Your victim advocate failed at her job. Let me guess it was someone that volunteered cause “she wants to help and do good” but once got in the field realizes that she not fit for it–or maybe she delusional and thinks she is doing a good job.

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