Master Chief Jerald Motyka, United States Coast Guard

Master Chief Jerald P. Motyka

Three and a half years ago a woman was brutally raped while serving in the United States Coast Guard. This past Fall she was contacted by various members of the Coast Guard and the civilian public to be informed that Master Chief Jerald P. Motyka of the United States Coast Guard has been posting in public forums false information regarding the rape. He included his comments on what he feels a Coast Guard rape victim is by saying that a woman who been raped must have been “popular with the boys” or in other words if you been raped you must be a slut. He even went on in saying that rape is not a problem in the Coast Guard and that many women would lie about rape. In this particular case and regarding this victim that the furthest from the truth. If that is not bad enough after we did our own investigation we found that at the time this woman reported the rape, Master Chief Motyka was roughly 1500 miles away at a different unit. His rate of a Marine Science Technician does not give him any access to the investigation. He did not know this woman nor ever met her nor has any access to the confidential investigation. This is a clear example of a man using his rank and position to deliberately slander the reputation of a shipmate for the sole reason cause she reported a rape. There is absolutely no other reason why he did what he did.

During our own investigation we gathered more information about Jerald Motyka including a posting in which his wishes that pedophiles should have reduce sentencing, blames teenagers for being raped (he posts under the alias Malruhn) and an entire forum from several years ago in which he claims to be an Army Ranger, and later was caught in the lie.

The posting has been removed due the public outraged on this issue but let not forget that what he did and the pain that this survivor must have felt reading misogynstic rumors about her. The post did provide identifying information about the victim including a link to a news article about her rape. This woman is trying to heal from the rape yet she is being further abused even years since leaving the service. Military Sexual Trauma does not end when you sign your DD-214.

The victim herself emailed Master Chief Motyka to talk about this issue and try to understand why he did what he did. Her request to have him call her has been denied and he has not contacted her on this case however Captain Christine Cutter responded with:”

“Any member of the Coast Guard is free to contact you but I cannot direct that they do so. A command inquiry was conducted and concluded the post to which you are referring was not based on information obtained from official records. As discussed below, members of the Coast Guard have the same rights as other citizens to discuss publicly available information and their personal views in their private capacity.

The Coast Guard is available to meet with any congressional representative or journalist and conduct a full case review of the allegations made by you, if you believe that would be beneficial and you authorize us to do so.”

Obviously Captain Cutter’s response did not fulfill the survivor’s answer on WHY Master Chief Motyka has expressed such hatred against one of his own. As a result Master Chief Jerald. P. Motyka is officially listed on the Wall of Shame for the way that he treated one of his shipmate that reported a rape.

8 thoughts on “Master Chief Jerald Motyka, United States Coast Guard

  1. “As discussed below, members of the Coast Guard have the same rights as other citizens to discuss publicly available information and their personal views in their private capacity.”

    Captain Christine Cutter has LIED. A member of the Coast Guard can not share their personal views if they are hateful, prejudice and against the Coast Guard ethos. A Coast Guard member can not join the KKK and express white supremacy views. A Coast Guard member can not publicly state that they are in the Coast Guard and support so and so run for office. But it is okay when a member of the Coast Guard posts misogynistic comments about a rape survivor while clearly stating he is a member of the Coast Guard.

    The rest of us are tired of their bullshit and the reputation that the Coast Guard has because of the rapes. Get rid of Captain Cutter and Master Chief Motyka and everyone else that is bringing the service down.

  2. Society at large, which includes the military has a history of using weak women who are afraid to challenge the patriarchal system as bait to further fulfill the agenda of oppressing women.

    Captain Christine Cutter, having completed a google search on her and came up null on any achievements or recognition is the classic definition of a weak woman. She does not seem to have succeeded much in life aside from going through the motions of remaining average; average woman, average Coast Guardsman, average JAG. It should be of no surprise that someone like Captain Cutter was being used in this way.

    Thank you for speaking out against her and against Master Chief Motyka which was just heart wrenching to read.

  3. How can the Coast Guard say that they take rape seriously if they turn around and don’t even punish people that abuse rape victims? It is black and white right there what Master Chief Motyka wrote and not even a court martial?

    1. It is all lip service. If the Coast Guard was serious about sexual assault and rape they would take all allegations seriously including complaints of rape apologists and those that are involved in victim-slandering. Actions speak louder than words. The Coast Guard has shown on numerous occasions that they do not care about rape survivors. If you report a rape you are automatically viewed as the criminal, as being crazy and a liar and therefore your allegations are not taken seriously.

  4. I asked a friend to confirm. He is gone. Forced into retirement on July 27th-ish. because of this sex scandal and his weight. Good riddance sucker

  5. “As discussed below, members of the Coast Guard have the same rights as other citizens to discuss publicly available information and their personal views in their private capacity.”

    So, in other words is this woman saying that as a member of the Coast Guard I can post racist, sexist, or illegal remarks and be protected as long as I am not on duty?

    Let me go post hateful and illegal remarks everywhere while telling the world that I am in the Coast Guard!

    of course I am just joking. I won’t ever do that. What I am going to say though is Cutter needs to stop making us all look bad.

  6. As a four year active duty CGman in the early to middle sixties I never saw a SPAR until I was in my 3rd year of duty. Thus the problems the CG and other services have today with rape issues was way less of a problem. Todays CG sex/rape problems and allegations are the direct result of what I call the Good Old Boy/Macho Man attitude of male members who know they can blatantly get away with sexual abuse. These male clowns who are terrorizing women in the service need to be stepped on immediately and the women of all services need to know from the get go where and how to seek help from an objective, independent source without recriminations. Sexual abuse in the military has become a huge problem and a very disgusting one that is being improperly addressed too often by all the wrong people. The public and particularly families of these women should be outraged that their daughters have too often been sent in the way of these monsters like Chief Motyka and others.
    All the armed forces need to stop cow towing to command structures who will tell anyone that they will and can handle the problems under their command. They will not, can not and too often are active participants in the problem itself. Their hand needs to be forced or otherwise they will just speed merrily along with their sick attitudes regarding the mistreatment of women in the military.

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