Air Force vet still haunted by rape, command’s response.

Virginia, United States Air Force

I was assaulted by an officer in 1975. I ended up driving to the base hospital because after the assault the MP’s would not let me drive out of the base. I was admitted but the stay is very vague. The officer called on a pay phone and told me he was sorry. I hung up on him. It appears that during the assault I either hit him or scratched him. I never saw him again. The few months that ensued I lived in terror that I would be discharged, I had three sons 8, 6 & 4 that I was raising with no help. Later I was told I could get a court-martial for illegal co-habitation ( I stayed at my friend and her officer husband home. She had to leave to California on a family emergency.) or get a hardship discharge due to one of my boys having juvenile diabetes. OMG they even questioned my boys if they had seen me have sex w/other men including my friends husband. I found a ratty apt as soon as my friend left even though I never felt threatened by her husband. I was in my apartment less than a week when they discharged me. I cannot begin to tell you in such a short space all I faced in the Military.

I too have been under psychiatric care since 1981. I am a mess emotionally and selfishly attempted suicide. I have night terrors and have tried to file for compensation and It is never brought up. To this day I live a nightmare. I seldom leave my home unless for VA appts. I have no friends and at times live in my SUV to avoid contact. I was referred to a rape crisis for female veterans in 2003 and was told that I should have gotten over this by now. I’m going to be 65 and I still suffer. I truly hope things have or are going to change for the young women now. As negative as this may sound I have this saying to keep some sense of sanity, “NOT ALL SOLDIERS ARE HEROES”.


  1. Thank you for sharing your story. My daughter was in the Air Force too when she reported a rape by a high ranking member. She too was punished for the crime done against her. You have tons of support and love on this page on at MRCC. Stay strong.

  2. I am an AF veteran also, and I had a child as a result of being raped by another airman. I too was discharged before my 4 years was up… i hired a lawyer..biggam,fox and skinner out of vermont (they nationaly rep. veterans w/ claims at no cost…its illegal for lawyer to charge a veteran for services w/ claims)) ..and i now recv. 60% s/c for PTSD as a result of MST. dont give up your fight for bennifits and dont back down…fight back. as a result.. i got ssdi for this also w/o any problems. Best wishes to you and thank you for sharing

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